New Paths opened up around Llyn Alaw


Exciting news, plans to construct and open up old paths around Llyn Alaw are underway.
Thirty years ago when Llyn Alaw was a recreational area, about a third of the perimeter was avaliable for walking on dedicated paths. When the classification of the reservoir was changed and the visitors center closed down, the paths became underused and overgrown. But all that is changing fast, all the old paths have been cleared, and plans afoot to construct new paths. This year, if all goes to plan, hopefully it will be able to walk the circumference of the lake.

The work is being undertaken by THE SILVER SLASHERS. A hardy group of ramblers adept with a chain and bowsaw. They are part of the Anglesey Ramblers Facebook group, and have done an incredible job over the last year.


This is an amazing opportunity for our cabin holiday makers. This will probably be a serious four to five hour walk, as the lake is five miles in length. The northern section has never been open before. So the whole walk will be brand new. A wonderful opportunity for dog lovers coming to the farm.

We are so excited, and have had great fun already on the newly opened up tracks.

Here are some snaps taken today, 18th February 2018.




Pabo and Stella.


Charlie, Diana, Toby and Stella.


The pine tunnel.


Sunny February afternoon.


Wait for me.


Charlie Diana and Lucy, first time on the new path.


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